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Land Construction Programs & Guidelines - Alternative Lending Branch

Our sole purpose is to fund loans. More specifically, we exist to fill the gap where lending restraints have left many qualified applicants without access to funding. Our custom oriented underwriting approach allows us to not focus on the borrower but rather on the asset itself in order to provide an innovative financing structure that meets their needs. We get the job done in days! Land programs will only be available in California, Texas and Florida.

Eligible Property Types


• Lot/Land Zoned For Single Family Residence
• Lot/Land Zoned For Duplex
• Lot/Land Zoned For Triplex
• Lot/Land Zoned For Four Plex

• Lot/Land  With Mobile Home
• Lot/Land With Modular/Manufactured Home

• Lot/Land Zoned For Multifamily
• Lot/Land Zoned Commercial

• Lot/Land For Condo Development
• Condo

• Land With Ranch Property

• Land With Farm Property

• Land Large Acreage (Any Size Under 99 Acres)

• Land Large Acreage (Any Size 100-199 Acres)

• Land Large Acreage (Any Size 200-299 Acres)

• Land Large Acreage (Any Size Over 300 Acres, Max 999 Acres)

• Land Agricultural Use

​• Raw Land Rural

• Raw Land Urban

• Land With Red Tag Property or Multiple

• Land For Camps Or Recreational Uset

• Land With Multiple Properties


Eligible Types of Borrower

• Non Owner Occupied or Investment
• Sole Proprietorship, LLC or Corporation
• Foreign Nationals
• Visa, Green Card, or None
• Borrowers in Bankruptcy

• Borrowers in Foreclosure or Bailouts
• Owned by Sole Proprietorship, LLC or Corporation
• Borrowers in Probate/Trust

• Trust, Living Trust, Non Revoke

• Attorney in Fact

Eligible Types of Loans

• Non Owner Occupied or Investment
• Purchase Money
• Refinance
• Cash out
• Property Listed for Sale
• Foreclosure/Bankruptcy Bailout- Must Be Construction Completion 80% or greater complete
• Properties in Probate/Trust

• Purchase Plus Construction 2 Loans

• Purchase Plus Rehab 1 or 2 loans
• Refinance Cash Out Plus Construction
• Refinance Cash Out Plus Rehab

Land Express Program - Asset Based Loan


• LTV up to 30% Rural and 50% Urban  (60% ltv case-by-case)
• Loan Term: 1 or 2 Year

• Interest Only or Amortized Over 30 or 40 Years
• Interest Rates: 10.99% to 13.75% Risk Base Pricing, Interest Only Option
• No Prepay Penalties- first 6 months
• Cross Collateralize for Maximum Loan Amounts
• Not Fico Based, Bad Fico or No Fico OK
• All Septic/Water/Well Conditions Allowed
• All Locations Allowed
• All Topography Allowed
• No Upfront Fees Ever!
• Low Pricing Available/Risk-Based Pricing

• Stated Income/Siva/No Doc
• After Construction Value Allowed/Future Value OK/No Reserves Needed
• No title seasoning/Next Day Value Ok/Non Recourse Option

• BK Chapter 7,11,13 OK/Debtor in Possession Program

• No Net Worth or Liquidity Requirements

• No Appraisal Needed Program

​• No Min or Max Loan Amounts

• Fastest Close Loan in 10-12 Days

Construction Portfolio Program


• Loan to Cost (LTC) up to 60% Construction Completion Cost. Must also be below 65% ARV
• Loan Term: 6 months or 1 Year

• Interest Only Option or amortization

• Interest Rates: 10.99% to 12.99% Risk Based
• No Pre-Payment Penalty - first 6 months
• Cross Collateralize for Maximum Loan Amounts

• Program Construction Urban 60% Max Ltv ACV Purchase, 55% Max Ltv A Refinance ( Area B example: Bay Area, Los Angeles Area)

• Program Constr-3: Area C  55% Max Ltv ACV Purchase, 50% Max Ltv ACV Refinance ( Area C example: Rural, Urban, Other etc.)
• Budget must be validated
• No Doc, Stated Program
• No Upfront Fees Ever!
• Not Fico Based

• Appraisals Need To Be Approved, Desk or Field Review Needed
• Light Reserves Needed
• No Title Seasoning Needed

• No BK or Foreclosures 2 Years

• Light Liquidity Requirements

• Fastest Close Loan 10-12 Days

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